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god Bless Maria Khan and David McCumber

Hi. I need you help –quick. it’s been a long, interesting day, but I promised Jim Caruso, Flying Dog Brewery captain and Gonzo Foundation member, Hunter’s story titled: "Turbo Must Die."  It’s about a martyred gold-standard steer that George and Patti Stranahan sacrificed to save the limousin strain of beef, as it were.

I remember typing it  into an ESPN column, but a quick scan doesn’t catch my eye in HEy Rube. I believe, however, that it originated in Generation of Swine...


Which leads me to thank Maria Khan (Hunter’s lovely fiancee at the time) and David McCumber (one of Hunter’s greatest editors)– "Generation" is dedicated to them.  It’s been a long time since I’ve opened this book, but this time,  my heart was captured by some Hunter’s best columns. Everything from the nature of heaven and hell, to George Bush senior, Oli North, Paradise Valley along with his dearest friends Ralph Steadman, Russell Chatham, Caligula, Joseph Conrad, Samuel Coleridge, Tex, The Chang Dynasty, "The Lord and Good Lawyers," The Gideons… well, you get the picture. It’s all there in beautiful gonzo order.

Anyway, where is Turbo Must Die???

thanks for your help. I’m a bit giddy after spending some time with good people in beautiful Monterey with an equally beautiful friend.. Thanks for your help with this search. I’d ask Ed Bradley, as Hunter laced this story  in an ESPN column after a night with Ed and his sweetheart Patricia Blanchet. If Turbo is not in the published version, I guess I’ll find it on my old hard drive or ESPN archive. Or maybe someone will search ESPN archive for me?? Athena and my meowing Siamese cats would be grateful so that I can unpack groceries (which contains their treats) and get the copy to Jimmy before my macbook turns into a pumpkin…

many thanks in advance… And thank you Shelby Sadler, Liz Yount, Manuel Rico, Nate (from Bishop), Neil (from Mr. Vac), Bob Braudis & Joe Disalvo’s force for watching over Owl Farm while I was away…. Thank You.


Anita Thompson

12:29 am update (groceries unpacked and animals happy):

OKAY! while i was still correcting typos on the post, a reader, named Gabriel, emailed the google book link. It’s from Songs Of The Doomed:(pg 281 of my hard copy) . (NOT Generation Of Swine) I offered him a job. By the Way, Songs Of The Doomed was Edited by David McCumber

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