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Let Me Clear Something Up About Hunter’s Fans

Life is good at Owl Farm. We’ve had more rainbows over the valley this year than I’ve seen in the 10+ years living here. The two resident Red-tailed hawks were flying overhead today as Athena ran back and forth with the ball. The cottonwoods, shrub-Oak and daisies are more lush this year than ever because of the record rainfall. Hunter loved Owl Farm.

But with all this, there is something that has been an issue with some of Hunter’s friends/family for way too long. There is a notion that Hunter felt disdain or merely "tolerated" his readers. Not true. What is true is that he did NOT tolerate trespassers or mobs, and never suffered fools, but he DID appreciate and love his readers. If you never got a chance to meet him in person, you only need to watch a video of him, or read his letters books to know.

His fans did not make him a great American writer (he did that on his own), but they did make him a successful writer. That was not lost on Hunter. The ability to pay his way and pay for various college tuitions etc, was due to the symbiotic relationship he had with his readers. Never forget it.

He also appreciated Christine from and all her work.

You know he was a bedrock patriot, and that he also didn’t tolerate fools or drunks.  Invaders of his privacy & property were (AND ARE) promptly punished. But please know that if you were one of the lucky one to meet him at a book signing or received a letter, believe me, his tenderness and gratitude were genuine. Just as your gratitude is for him.

Selah and cheers,

Anita Thompson

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