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Feb 20, Hunter S. Thompson, We Love You

I can’t thank you enough for the letters cards, and emails. It is indeed a touchstone to reach a 7 year anniversary of Hunter’s death. Those of us who were close to him, I think, have all figured out what exactly his absence means and that the fallout reached some kind of equilibrium this year — as though he has settled into our hearts.

I thought this would be the worst February ever. But no, maybe because I braced myself so fiercely, it has been filled with love and friendship and really great memories. We all miss Hunter more than a blog post can describe. And I can’t thank you enough, my old friends, and the new friends in my life, as Christopher Hitchens would say, for your continued existence. 

There is no substitute for friends and family (four-legged, winged and human). We love you. And the pre-dawn yoga and time with kids have sure been a bonus. I just love you. 

I think that Love is as big and inclusive as we want it to be. Why not.

Here’s to a beautiful new chapter, with Hunter in our hearts, with a future bright and right ahead of us. 

Feb 19, evening, 2011, Owl Farm…

Anita Thompson



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