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Something Blue, or Something New?

Remember baby steps?

You do?

Good memory.

I don’t remember mine. But obviously they happened because I can walk. In fact I usually walk really well. I even started jogging in high-school, which happened to be a boarding school in the Swiss Alps — a stunningly beautiful place to jog. So, I’m really glad that I as a baby, I wasn’t too inhibited to take the first step.

I bet a lot of us started and succeeded at more things as children than as adults. I don’t know how to quantify this, but it’s worth looking into. 

My old beloved, go-to-for-good-wisdom, Deepak Chopra, says in Sectrets:

Imagine a baby who wants to walk, doesn’t because she thinks to herself:

1. I don’t want to look bad.

2. I don’t want to fall down.

3. I don’t want to live with the burden of failure. 

4. I don’t want to expend all my energy.

5. I don’t want any pain.

Yep. Have you ever seen a baby learn to walk? Human or otherwise? it is so exciting. Falling down? no problem. 

It’s obvious where I’m going with this. 

If I’m trying something new, making new friends, trying new approaches, learning to paint again. Remember the kids. 

And remember the biggest kid of all, Hunter once wrote to me that "we have no fear, only moments of confusion."

Yes! true.

With love, 

Anita Thompson

p.s. Last night I didn’t host the annual bon-fire here at home. I left Owl Farm to have a nice dinner with a good friend, Hal. Hunter also loved Hal, for good reason. Hal gets nostalgic about the days when you could put a fake mouse into the bread basket at Poppy’s restaurant in Aspen without homeland security or Department of Justice being called. And he loves art. And birds. And a grey goose martini with a bit of vermouth.

And holy smokes Jim, thank you so much for the sweet blog post! thank you…

And speaking of martinis and DOJ, here’s a link to our friend Richard Beckler’s WSJ letter: Love it.

And speaking of people who love the truth, here is a link our Jerri Merritt of talk left, who has been following (like a hawk) the Dominique-strauss-Kahn case. 

And speaking of friends and truth, here’s a link to our Doug Brinkley’s review in the NYTimes  which is still catching heat all over the internet for using the term "chick non-fiction" to dismiss "The Obamas." Tee hee he. 




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