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October 27, 2011

The Rum Diary

Today’s Woody Creek Caucus minutes (by March Henley)start like this:


OCTOBER 27, 2011

Meeting began at the WC3 at 6:37.

Irish Alzheimer’s:  When you forget everything except the grudge.  This on the heels of Michael [Owsley’s] request to leave the meeting at 7:00 to pick up Roxy at the vet’s after porcupine quill removal surgery.  Roxy, the inveterate porcupine hater.



A good cure for an Irish hangover or otherwise is a good movie: Take "The Rum Diary." for example. I was absent from today’s caucus meeting in order to finish some last minute details of the Gonzo Foundation website. Chris Sciolla has been building the site for EVER, bless his soul, and I wanted to launch it to thank Johnny Depp for a job well done.

The premiere party in LA was really fun last week. After a great movie, then watching the sun come up over Sunset boulevard in Hunter’s favorite suite at the Chateau Marmont with good friends is the best way to remember Hollywood. And the best way to leave Hollywood. It takes away some of the sting of Hunter’s absence.

I highly recommend the movie. The cast is great. Johnny’s sister, Christi, played an important role in making it happen along with a long list of other hard-working Hollywooders. Amber Heard is perfect. It’s like looking at a shimmering jet-engine.

Speaking of things of beauty: Our little chick is doing better every day. She is running the household for sure. After being rejected from the peacock bunch, unfortunately it seems that by now the feeling is mutual. So, she is queen of the house. She hops around and pecks at everything when not on my shoulder – she fits in like an angel. Caesar, my big Siamese, who normally eats birds twice her size, doesn’t even try — he only looks at her with his big blue eyes and fangs relaxed.

The name Champ didn’t have such a great ring to it, is now named Evita. "Vita" is what we call her.

She used to peep so loud and for hours at night in her pen, that I finally had to bring her into bed with us — only thing that made her happy. She sleeps under a small down blanket next to my pillow. So, one German Shepherd, two Siamese cats, and a peacock. All I need is a small horse and we’ll be complete. What a weird household. 

Your weird friends,

Anita Thompson et al




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