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“Ro Ro Rooooo” at 3:30 in the morning: Rooster pot pie anyone?

It’s daylight savings. So, the usual 3:30 am rooster calls were sounding at 4:30.

A few weeks ago, the first rooster call of the season seemed really exciting. I texted family and friends that spring is here. Yay. But the novelty has worn off, and my two (yes two, there was a mistake at MacMurray Hatchery) are totally confused. They’re supposed to ro-ro-ro-ro rooo at dawn. Not pre-dawn, right?

Just when I was about to become a meat-eater and roast a couple of roosters for breakfast, I opened the Sunday Times to see an article reminding me of why I’ve been a veg-head for these 20+ years. So roosters, you have Mark Bittman to thank for saving your lives this morning:

IT is pretty well established that animals are capable of suffering; we’ve come a long way since Descartes famously compared them to nonfeeling machines put on earth to serve man. (Rousseau later countered this, saying that animals shared “some measure” of human nature and should partake of “natural right.”) No matter where you stand on this spectrum, you probably agree that it’s a noble goal to reduce the level of the suffering of animals raised for meat in industrial conditions.

Great article about the new technology at the Hague that has a non-animal machine creating meat-like-protein instead of an an actual animal – and it’s tasty, healthy, and not disgusting like living flesh, and perhaps soon available in the states. read here.

Enjoy the tofu, and happy Daylight Savings. 

Your friend at Owl Farm,

Anita Thompson

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