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November 27, 2011

Flash Poem Tribute To Hunter

So. How was thanksgiving? Ours was beautiful. The house was full. My former step-dad John, his sweet wife Betsy, Jim from Flying Dog, Andrew, Natalie, Sue came by and my sister Lydia and my 13 year-old nephew Zack who is now taller than I am…

I haven’t seen John in many years, and it was nice to have someone as smart and funny as Hunter at Owl Farm again. The conversations moved around at top speed to a so-so dinner and roaring fire after a long hike to the Red Cliffs at the top of Owl Farm. We had to transport the 25 chickens and one rooster to their new indoor coop before we could start dinner. (Jesse sat by the fire while everyone ate Turkey — shhh.)

Conversation moved from the molecular structure of sugar and endorphin mimickers to ancient sunlight stored in the form of fossil fuels to poems of William Blake. John is a man of science (and letters) who started the first Generic drug company in Colorado, but also come up with flashes that he converts into poems (Hence, Flash Poem). 

I read the poem John emailed to me, aloud, to my friend Cameron, who texted me later and asked me to email it to him because it "won’t leave me alone."

So here it is:

Hunter: Legacy

He moved in words

Stitched together in phrases

Cast into thoughts

Gathered into sayings

Or essays or tomes.

Profound, Angry, Noisy, Gonzo

Brilliant, Gentle, Determined….

Ensconced in dreams

Of a better World.

Costumed in an image

Sensed at first as glory

Then as duty,

Finally as burden.

Going gently into

“That dark night”

Was not his Way.

Though I never met him,

Still I find rapport

As lovers of a World

Descending into madness

Find hope in

Tomorrow’s potentiality.

For Anita: A Tribute to HST by John Gillespie

Thank you John… and thank you Hunter for bringing us all together this weekend.


Anita Thompson


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November 15, 2011

Hey, Thank You Peter, for Gonzo Store!

Here’s a big Thank-You to my dear brother, Peter Bejmuk and Sara Rivedale for managing Gonzostore.com while I went back to University in NYC. Well, I graduated a long time ago, and they were kind enough to cover it still.

 As you may know, Hunter and I started the biz of T-shirts, Jackets, jewelery, hot-pants, (modeled by Hugh Hefner’s own Playboy bunnies) and glasses, etc. Jann Wenner advertised the store for a while, but mainly we have the site up, unadvertised, because people simply want the stuff. I can’t say it’s a big business, but it sure is fun to read people’s comments.

Also, for the girls, the gonzo symbol is a guy magnet — which is fun, from what I hear. And Johnny Depp sporting Hunter’s gonzo bling, that I designed for Hunter, Sean Penn and Benecio Del Toro for a Hey Rube book signing, made it very popular I’m sure — they loved Hunter.

 Anyway, Peter sent the entire inventory back to Owl Farm — literally. Most of the boxes are still in the Red Room. It looks like Santa’s workshop. As we stock the shelves in an office nearby, I thank Peter for the 3 or four years of watching the store, as it were.

Yes, the pendant is back, thanks to Juliana Pfister, and all is well — since I can’t possibly fill orders by candle-light myself, so the few staff members are taking a few weeks. Please be patient. They’ll be putting special gifts in each box for the next few weeks FYI.

And another YES, Evita, now known as Jesse (Evita and Athena sounded too similar, & they were getting confused) is beautiful as ever. It is a peaceable kingdom. Owl Farm is beautiful.

And thank you again, Peter.

Your sister in Woody Creek,

Anita Thompson

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November 07, 2011

Happy Birthday to Two Great People

George Stranahan and Marie Skłodowska Curie .


Happy Birthday guys. And thank you…


Love, Anita Thompson

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