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Thank the Workers: Aka: The Birds and the Bees

Hi. OMG you have to see this video. like most people, I love the city, trains, museums, shows, restaurants etc etc.

Of course, nothing, I mean nothing, would be possible without the plants that provide oxygen that allows any of that. You probably already know the dangerous rate that species are becoming extinct. You already know That Monsanto plants are killers and taking over the globe like a death plague.

But there is always a time to rest from a fight and enjoy what we still have left. This is a great video that a friend, David, sent via email. Definately watch the 4 minutes on your computer screen, not your phone. 

Show the kids too. The worker bees, bats (pay close attention to see that baby bat clinging to the mom) — here’s to all of TED fans. And Mother Nature fans….


xo Anita Thompson


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