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Dyslexia, Irlen, Where’s Eddie Izzard When we Need Him?

Hi. There’s a weird opinion piece about Dyslexia by Annie Murphy Paul in New York Times today. I don’t know why these studies fail to mention Irlen Syndrome. One interesting line in the piece :Glib talk about appreciating dyslexia as a “gift” is unhelpful at best and patronizing at worst.


And I also like the theory that Dyslexia or Irlene are a symptoms of being from another planet, or those of us hard wired for ancient Greek — explaining why modern letters are hard-as-hell to see.


Shucks, gotta run to study hall. But I’ll finish this post in a few to explain why I’m longing for Eddie Izzard.

Yes, apparently I suffer from more than Irlene, I also suffer from my own ADHD and rudeness to my readers. sorry. See you in a bit.

love, Anita Thompson

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