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Dr. Dre

With Gitmo still open for business, how can we really complain about Baghdad detaining US contractors that have been there since the beginning of the illegal invasion. Read article here. Tit for tat. Eye for an eye, making the whole world blind. Except that the Iraqis aren’t holding our men indefinitely, sans charges.

 I just came home from the bank, closed. Forgot it was MLK day.  Here is a great interview with the calm, cool, Professorial Dr. Dre. he gives beautiful, straight answers to some good questions about hip hop and Rap as a business. He also ponders what Dr. King would think about today’s Rap scene. love it:

Your friend in Woody Creek,

Anita Thompson

 p.s. My hero and Owl Farm intern, Gina Odem, has compiled a list of questions for me to answer (to keep up with you). It’s true I haven’t been checking this email for about a year, but Gina is on it! Here are the beginnings of the list that she asked and we combined from some of your letters and emails:

The typical day with Anita & Hunter was like?
What does preserving Owl Farm mean to you?
What is going on with Hunter’s third letter’s book, The Mutineer?
What is going on with Hunter’s Archive? Is it at a University or Owl Farm?
Can I visit Owl Farm?
Does Johhny Depp still have a room at Owl Farm?
What are the movie plans for The Gonzo Way?
What is the story Dr. Thompson’s suicide story changing? Why don’t you talk about the possibility that he was assassinated?
Which of Dr. Thompson’s books is your favorite?
Is Gonzo journalism still alive?
What might Hunter think about the state of politics today?
Any tips or predictions for 2012?
Did Hunter have a "greatest" accomplishment or stunt?
What are some of your proudest moments?
Do you have a favorite book?

Answers to come…

with love, Anita


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