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Get Whatever You Want

Good morning. It’s early here at Owl Farm. Oscar, the alpha peacock decided to spend the night on a low branch in the front yard instead of his pen. So he had t to a radio blaring under him. Npw he’s walking around the other peacock pen acting macho. I’ll give him another few hours of this until I have to snatch him and bring him back to his own pen. geesh. even blueberries didn’t work this morning.

Meanwhile, The Goldman Sachs scandal is dominating news sites. Although I’m irked at Matt Taibbi for his sophomoric trashing of Lara Logan, Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez aired an good interview with  Taibbi outlining some of the history of how this happened  — $550 mil settlement.

you can watch it here: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/7/16/goldman_sachs_settles_civil_fraud_case. 

I’m no economist, and am just learning to balance my own checkbook. But i can say it is indeed stunning that the firm actually laughed all the way to the bank? Of course new reports claim the opposite. Lord knows.

Hunter wrote in  Kingdom of Fear:

The real power in America is held by a fast emerging new Oligarchy of pimps and preachers who see no need for Democracy or fairness or even trees, except maybe the ones in their own yards, and they don’t mind admitting it. They worship money and power and death. Their ideal solution to all the nation’s problems would be another 100 year war.

— Hunter S. Thompson

but why be so negative, Anita… Hunter also wrote a great piece in  same Kingdom Of Fear about his time spent with his father when he taught him about Fear and Paranoia:

i understand that fear is my friend, but not always. Never turn your back on Fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed. My father taught me that, along with a few other things that have kept my life interesting. … There is no such thing as Paranoia," he said once. "Even your Worst fears will come true if you chase them long enough…."

–HST Kingdom of Fear

So, Hunter, isn’t the opposite also true? If you chase ANYTHiNG long enough, you’ll get it…

why not?

Anita Thompson




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