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Happy Birthday Hunter

 sometimes we think that the loss of someone close to us will become easier each year. that isn’t always the case. I had a long beautiful hike with Athena to get away from a troubled Owl Farm situation. you see, Hunter made it such in his Gonzo Trust, that i don’t have to sell Owl Farm unless I want to, or until I die. But you can imagine the family and lawyers who would prefer that I sell and split up the cash. 40 acres outside of Aspen is more valuable to some people as a lump of cash than the beautiful cliffs and valley that it is. This was all made possible by George Stranahan. But I’ve been holding on, and as Nancy Reagan would say "Just say no."  

So, as I hike up the back of Owl Farm, i thank Hunter every day for his document that  makes the land where Elk and Deer roam free, protected for me to NOT to have to sell, no matter the sugar-coated pressure. even if money isn’t flowing all the time, Hunter’s spirit is — and that’s what is most important to me now. And i know the best birthday present Hunter would want.

Hope to have better vibes for you tomorrow.

Your friend,

Anita Thompson



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