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Hello. This weekend turned out to be a lot of fun and good vibes all around, as always when NORML comes to town. You may have read about it via Rick Cusick of High Times  that former Owl Farm intern, Liz Yount told me about.

Also, our good friend Jerri Merritt and her son Nick stayed at Owl Farm   The weather has been extremly dry, not a drop —  but it decided to pour down the day of the Owl Farm cookout. But everybody seemed to have a good time under the tents and bbq (backdoor catering) and DANCED to the Redtones. Some of the best times were had in the living room. I’m missing Hunter more than ever, and it was the perfect time to have frequent readings by Hunter. Gerry Goldstein’s lovely son, Matthew read a great letter that Hunter wrote to Keith Stroup and his other five star lawyers in 1990.

you can read it here.

Along with a top gun legal seminar, NORML also celebrated at Chris and Gerry Goldstein’s house fundraiser which is always a pleasure. Famed Chef Chris Lanter of Cache Cache cooked up a storm and some sort of dessert that caused everone to fall deeply in love with eachother that is probably still in full swing. Chris’s friend and caretaker Kris were at Owl Farm relaxing as well.

It was a lovely day, and the cleanup is still underway. Pamela Hart, the founder of Plant trees 4 life was with me since early am to help get everything ready. She also presented a certificate for a tree, which I dedicate to Hunter.

 Darling Jim Caruso of Flying Dog Beer   was in town and we got to catch up and plan the Big Gonzo Foundation kick off event for July. All is well in the Gonzo world. Hunter was missed more than ever, but his spirit was strong and very moving.

I was very emotional after the event, and will never be able to thank Hunter enough for introducting me to a world and such a solid community.  As I said before, with a family intact, anything is possible.

Now, I’m unwinding and getting ready to travel to see my nephew Zack play in his little league tournament in NYC. Will check in soon. And Thank You Morgan Sanders!

 lots of love from Owl Farm,

Anita Thompson

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