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Insomnia, Nah!

Here’s a quote:by the way, thank you peter for fixing my layout problem!

MAn is the only animal that goes to sleep when he is not sleepy, and gets up when he is – anon.  (from Evan Espar’s "20,000 Quips and Quotes." (which kept me awake perhaps)

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services in the year 2007, approximately 64 million Americans regularly suffer from insomnia each year. I know it well, and i became my my spontaneous "friend" since grade school. Since Hunter died, I’ve tried all sort of breathing exercises, ambien, books on tape, melatonin, warm milk, and alcohol, eye patches, ear plugs and even resignation that sleep will be for the following afternoon. The funny thing is that insomnia it comes in waves.

Perhaps the same for you? it hits me when I’m on the verge of something interesting. The last few weeks have certainly been that. We move into our Gonzo Office this week and thing are rolling. I might as well admit that I’m terrified these new projects for fear of failure. But, let’s not get into therapy session now. All is well.

But tossing and turning, emailing my patient  brother back and forth until he finally had to abandon me (he ha a wife and kids). I remembered what  a good M.D. told me about insomnia while i was at Columbia. He said that no matter what, never make your bed a place of agony. If you really can’t sleep and you’re not sleepy, (tambourine man has already been told there is no place Im going to)… GET UP and do SOMETHING: homework, dust the closet, watch "Casablanca" or whatever. I think he’s right.

Especially after contstant jolts snapping me out of relaxation asking myself if I did turn the sprinkler off, is the so and so is unplugged downstairs., alarm system in high alert mode etc….. even reading the rest of "chronicles" wasn’t helping , and neither was the awesome mattress. so I thought I’d just shuffle in my slippers and robe to my friends on the blog and tell you about my poor poor pitiful self. No ,jsut kidding. I’m Lucky to be living here in the Rockies wth clean air, clean water, my friends are also my neighbors. They’re all sleeping, and so are you, probably. unless your east coast and getting ready for work. I do sincerely hope you got some shut eye.

anyway, now a nice sleepy feeling is relaxing my shoulders and eyes and it’s time to say goodnight. sweet dreams. I"ll be up in a few hours, but I feel the good sleep coming on. 

night night, 

Anita Thompson



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