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Gonzo Foundation, Boston Celtics, Seth Godin, My Nephew and even the Yankees

Hello from Boston! The morning started at 9 am sharp in a Seth Godin seminar and ended with summing up the day’s events while glued to the bar hotel HD Flat screen as police in riot gear blanketed the city. 

Today at the Burns and Levinson building where Jim Caruso and I had a nice lunch with former trustee George Tobia and a visit with current Gonzo Trustees Evelyn Haralampu and Howard Medwed — the vibe around the city seemed as if the Celtics could ONLY win.

We were in town, in part, to plan the launching Gonzo Event (around Hunter’s birthday in July) that will take place in Woody Creek where we will announce the Gonzo Writing Competition: the winners will be puclished in the Woody Creeker along with a major Magazine and a book contract with People’s Press, and our brother Ralph Steadman will be at Owl Farm to help launch the first programs. it’s a beautiful, although strenuous summer ahead of us. I couldn’t be more proud to have this team.

One of George’s colleagues, who had just returned from LA from the last game between the Lakers and Celtics, was passing through the marble elevators as we were all being introduced. The only advice I had for him was what Hunter always taught me: "oh, that’s right," I said. "Don’t bet with your heart, bet with your head." It’s doubtful he took my bold advice, but it just sort of came out, as Hunter’s advice has saved my skin on oh so many occasions.

Seeing the look on all the locals faces as the score was finalized was in a word, BRUTAL. Safe up in our hotel rooms in downtown Boston, Jim Caruso and I didn’t hear about any riots, but we certainly saw the 30 or so motorcylces lined up along

Faneuil Hall

There were police in riot gear and beating sticks, jacks, helmets and paddy waggons all around.

Apparently they were preparing for a win OR loss. But how could the celtics have lost?? As ESPN reported By Chris Sheridan It was slow-paced, it was physical, it was defensively-oriented. And most importantly, when it was a test of poise under pressure during the first three quarters, it was the Celtics who were clearly looking like superior championship material.


Championship material is different from being an actual champion, I guess. And spending time my extended gozno Family: George, Evelyn, Wayne (I told you I did see Wayne’s new movie which is wonderfu) and my time with Jim has made me remember what a champion Hunter was, and how we have a responsibiltiy to continue the best we can. We have a 5 star team. 

 Speaking of Champions, we are headed back to NYC tommorrow again, where my nephew Zack will be battting with the NY Yankees on the field after a week of strenuous World Series Little League. You go boys!

Look forward to catching up after, especially since my last post was full of kettle one martinis. it’s just right to take it easy these last few nights playing gin… as in cards!


Anita Thompson


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