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Home Sweet Home

Hello! Yes! I’m home — graduated, relaxed, happy, refreshed and rested. I spent the last few weeks of classes at St. Hilda’s Convent, where the silence made it possible for me to study enough not to make a complete fool of myself in the final Latin course. And it didn’t hurt to have the really good teachers. Ah! Nunc est bibendum.

My first few days home meant overseeing the complete removal of several basement walls due to a slow-leak that caused a hideous mess and a team of men in full bio-hazard suits to clean it up. But all is well now and I’ll be donating part of Johnny Depp’s room to the Woody Creek Community Center.

Yes, the Interview book is out, and I’m thrilled with the responses. There have been so many books published about Hunter, that it’s time readers are able to read Hunter’s words, unpublished and published. I was thumbing through the index and thought I’d cut and paste some of the fs for you:

Fahrenheit 9/11

Prince Faisal




William Faulkner


Fear and Loathing



Tim Ferris



F. Scott Fitzgerald


The Fountainhead

Fourth Amendment

Fox News



It’s an interesting book with the ancient gonzo wisdom readers have been asking for for several years. My neighbor Ann Owsley noticed a typo/mis-transcription of Dwight Shellman’s name that my eyes missed (to be corrected in the Picador hardcover coming out in the Fall). thanks Ann!

Anyway,  it’s great to be home and wonderful to be back in touch.


Anita Thompson


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