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Wind In the Sails!


"Ships in the harbor are safe,” someone once said,  “but this is not what ships are made for.”  And sometimes relationships become not partnerships in life’s great adventure but excuses to stop ourselves from growing, taking risks, and living life to the fullest.
           –Arianna Huffington, On Becoming Fearless.

This is the first page that I opened of Arianna’s book that was being offered to bloggers that I picked up at her “Huffington Post Oasis: to unplug and recharge” new age Yoga,  massage and meditation quiet zone on the third floor of the crazy zoo that is the Big Tent.

Jerri and I went there earlier, where Arianna was swarmed by flashing bulbs, cameras, reporters and bloggers all wanting to talk to her about, well, everything. It was like watching the Marilyn Monroe/ Katharine Graham of the DNC. She maneuvered gracefully and through the crowd and gave her time and attention as if each reporter was the only one in the room.

Anyway, why am I bringing up the sailboat image that jumped out at me as I thumbed through my new copy of Arianna’s book? Because Ted Kennedy’s speech and the video tribute to him with the sailboat did move me, unexpectedly.  My blog entries on my own blog, and Huffington post don’t hide the fact I’ve been a Hillary supporter ever since I started researching her history with the press.  Like many pragmatists,  I decided, reluctantly to support Obama the day Hillary dropped out. 

But the pieces are coming together now, and Kennedy’s and Jimmy Carter’s video address did put some wind back into the sails.  So Here’s to setting sail for the future with Obama at the helm.

But he is going to have to find a message, and find it QUICK. Hopefully he will say "this election is not about me, it’s about you." as many times as Bill Clinton said "bridge" in his acceptance speech in 1992.  Who knows.

Until next time, your friend, getting on board,

Anita Thompson


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