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The 7 Lessons Of Hunter S. Thompson

Hi.I am back in the Bronx.  It was an interesting flight home via a Vail Pass Blizzard in my rented little chevy cobalt. But we made it, and now, back in NY, I have my face planted in the school books.


Today’s HST wisdom comes from The Gonzo Way: After Doug Brinkley’s introduction, the chapters go as follows:

Lesson 1.

 Learning – That’s What It’s All About.

Lesson 2:

It’s Wrong When It Stops Being Fun.

Lesson 3:

Politics Is The Art of Controlling Your  Environment.

Lesson 4:

We Is The Most Important Word in Politics.

Lesson 5:

 Truth Is Easier.

Lesson 6:

 Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride.

Lesson 7:

Never Apologize, Never Explain.


Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson



I didn’t make much progress, unfortunately, regarding the photos of the scene of Hunter’s death.  But, hopefully I will be meeting with Hunter’s son and the Sheriff on my next vist. There has been a lot of  resurrected speculation about a conspiracy regarding Hunter’s work on the possible U.S. government’s knowledge of 9/11. I am not referring to that. I am simply referring to the photos that I recently received from the coroner’s office that don’t match what we were told about the hours surrounding Hunter’s death — no conspiracy theory.  




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