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The Great Magnet

Oh My God it’s cold here in NYC.  The campus brick sidewalks are slick and ominous.  Humid Cold is hard to get used to for a Colorado native like me, but the Alma Mater Statue, despite her gown and sandals still looks majestic as ever looking over the scurring students who generally don’t stop to look back at her at this time of year for fear of the cold wind blowing down their necks.

I just stopped by the computer lounge to drink some hot chocolate before I head back to my apartment for the night after turning in a paper on the the current president’s use of religious rhetoric to get us into war.  The title is "If George Bush Were and Atheist, We Would Not Be At War."  It was an interesting paper to write, (particulary after writing one a few days ago about the Reconstruction period in America and thinking about what, as a country, we’ve done with our power) I used an article by Chistopher Hitchen’s as a point of departure which I highly recommend.

 I talked to Peter today who set up the comments board and emailed me detailed instructions on how to maintain the thing.  I will try to launch it within a week.  I’m juggling several balls and need to focus the rest of this week on other business. But, will stay in touch.

Why not post the last two emails. I think I’m going to like this comments board! It will save me a lot of time, and the gonzo family can communicate through Hunter quotes and strenghten the ties in the process. A great member of the gonzo tribe named Christine Othitis has been doing a good job of that for a long time.  I really like the website that she hosts for my husband http://gonzo.org/ .

Let’s get to today’s wisdom:

"All energy flows according to the whims of the great magnet."

–Hunter S. Thompson, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.

(email from scott) You never see this quote posted anywhere, and I love it.  I might seem 
like some kind of cliche’ hippy when I say this, but that quote is 
best understood by those who’ve experienced LSD.



anita, congrats on settling the thing.
did i see you at sundance? the atmosphere in park city reminded me of
aspen in the seventies. hope you are fine and enjoying columbia.

sterling greenwood
aspen free press



Until next time, your friend who was not at sundance,

Anita Thompson




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