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Many Rooms in the Mansion

My dad, Alex,  called me from his home in Kiev (yes, the home of the friendly Orange Revolution) this morning, and asked me who I’m betting on. I said, "The Colts Of course!"  He was pleased. This is a big day. Let the game begin!! 

Indeed. There are many cruel Rooms in the mansion, and many deep holes in the Road. Keep alert or be stabbed. Of all the shocks and pains that every football season brings, the worst of all is the ending of it. And that is what we face now — this coming Sunday night, in fact, before the midnight bell. There will be no appeal, no extension, no replay. That will be the end of the football season, no matter who complains.

A few geeks will, of course. A few swine always do. No barrel is utterly clean. That would be atmospherically impossible, eh? And rest assured that nothing on this Earth is 100 percent clean. Nothing…. Are you one of these people who honestly believes that Cats are clean? I hope not, because you are riding for a serious fall. Cats are filthy, and they don’t mind passing it around. The smell of a large cat (as in Lion or Tiger) at room temperature in a sea-level house is so powerful and so disorienting as to derail the human brain. The odor of a mountain lion in the wild is far more terrifying than the sight of the beast, even on a frozen night in the snow. It will literally "take your breath away" at 10 or even 20 yards. Your whole nervous system will seize up and be paralyzed, even your lungs. So stay away from all animals that are bigger than you are, especially at night when they are nervous. A brown bear will eat your whole body in 24 hours. Beware.

— Hunter S. Thompson, Hey Rube (espn.com Jan 29th, 2002)

Yes! They will beware and the beat the bears today.  Hot Damn! I know in my heart (but will bet on them with my brain, of course) that the Colts will win this beautiful game.  Hunter turned me on to the Colts a long time ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.  I’ll be watching the game not at home, but here in New York. This is the first time in 9 years that I have not spend this day at Owl Farm with friends. But, the fact that the Colts are playing takes some of the sting off.

Oh Hunter! I know he is happy as a clam today. Whooping and cheering for our boys. 

Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson




 p.s. the following is a GREAT EMAIL from Malcolm — will cheer anyone up — a very good writer indeed.  Thanks man!

What a time Gonzo friends.  What a mood, a rapturous climax of all things with force bearing down on the hearty fans of the National Football League and sporting mania of all kinds.  As a humble fan and mutating student of Dr. Thompson’s work and views I find, as some of you must, this time of year to be one of the easiest to connect with his energy and essence.  Football, and his love of it as an American institution and canvas for human grit were themes omnipresent in Hunter’s writing.  The obvious depression that comes with the end of the season will greet us again without remorse, so for now….excess and celebration for the Super Bowl, for Hunter.  
Gearing up for what will most certainly be the greatest Super Bowl matchup of my life, I find myself missing more than is explainable, a man I never met.  I will chronicle the BIG GAME the way I feel it should be done…in glorified and unyielding GONZO fashion.  The breakfast will be grand and unforgiving.  The booze will be a rare top-shelf experience, the back room bottles horded for moments of cosmic triumph or soul shattering loss.  The group of people gathered will be pure friends with high circuited brains and earnest appreciation for the spectacle laid out before them.  I wish you all the same and more.  Below is a quote I found this morning and sums up where we fans and students may be now —
"By Sunday my nerves had gone all to pieces, along with my attitude, and I was sorely in need of a football orgy.  The time had come to laugh out loud at something, anything, even a frenzy of subhuman violence like pro football."HST Hey Rube
P.S.  I love the message board idea,
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