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Bats ‘n Zits ‘n 5 Billion People

"No point mentioning those bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough."

Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

That wisdom is one of my favorite lines from Vegas.  When I’m stressed, lonely, weird or insecure, it comes in handy to silently repeat it, like a mantra…  Try it sometime.  It works.

I’m in New York planning my classes for the fall, and looking for an apartment — in Harlem.  What is the population of all the humans on earth?  5 billion?  They all seem to be right here in NYC this week.

  To respond to those of you who have emailed with worries about Owl Farm: rest assured that I’m not leaving Owl Farm . It and all the animals are in the very able hands of loved ones and professionals awaiting my return.  We also ratched up security several more notches since I won’t be there with the 12 guage. But… no worries, Owl Farm will always be Owl Farm. I’ve been slowly restoring some things like the War Room, which turned into a storage room sometime in the late 80’s.  It is the room that Hunter wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in and planned his Sheriff’s campaign.  The trustees are also commited to keeping Owl Farm away from Developers and the I.R.S. and other undesirables. So, consider this a temporary move and I will continue the Woody Creeker and the blog. 

Guess what?  I have a gift from Ralph Steadman.  He emailed it last night–just for you Owl Farm Blog Readers…  It’s actually a SONG he wrote. About…  well… Zits.

Zits on your nose

Zits on your face

Zits all over the goddamn place





I’ve got zits

I’ve got zits

Zits breakn’ out




Zits ‘ll go to heaven — but me, I doubt.

(I think it will need the power of re-formed members of Led Zepplin to do it justice —Ralph Steadman)

So, there we have it.  More HST / STEADman wisdom coming oh so very soon….

your friend, cramped in with the rest of the NYC population,

Anita Thompson




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