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Peacock Feathers

Good Morning!  Mating season is coming to a close here at Owl Farm. As always at this time of year, the peacocks are starting to lose their tail feathers. Peter lost about ½ of his tail feathers in the night, Paul will lose his soon.  I harvested many gorgeous bouquets of feathers from one bird pen this weekend.  Mother nature has designed and perfected these feathers over the millennia for the sole purpose of making the males beautiful, hence, attracting a female with the intention of making some babies.  And it works. 

All this put me in the mood for a sweet HST quote.

“If you’re ever up at dawn, look up at that sun as it comes climbing out of Indiana, and think that I may be standing out at the end of a pier in the East River and watching the sun float off over the Alleghenies to St. Louis, and wondering if you’re watching it too.”

–Hunter S. Thompson

 I won’t say  right away which book that’s from (think letters). The first few people to tell me where it’s published in Hunter’s work will get a gonzo mug…  and…. a peacock feather. Why not?  Gonzo Wear Manager, Alice Cotton just returned from Switzerland so you’ll receive it from her. The contest thing can be fun, although I’d love to be able to send you a free car.  Maybe next time.

Ralph sent me a cache of fabulous Wisdom for you.  I’ll be posting it regularly.  Thanks Ralph!

Until next time, your friend surrounded with peacock feathers,

Anita Thompson

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