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Raw Peaches

   Good morning.  It’s been a wildly productive day at Owl Farm.  I’ve been on the phone with Ralph Steadman all morning who is now the official Gonzo Gardener for the    Woody Creeker Magazine (in addition to our local gardener, Janet.)

   We are wrapping up a humdinger of a birthday tribute issue which includes a special gift from the Gonzo Trustees to Hunter’s fans to celebrate his 69th birthday with a bang — and, thank you sir, it’s complete with Steadman illustrations! It’s called Fire in the Nuts.  

   I did ask Ralph if he would be kind enough to share some wisdom with us on this blog. I said  “For example, do you have a cure for acne?”  He thought about it for a while and said with a chuckle  “Oh yes.  Rub yourself all over with raw peaches.”  So there we have it.  Raw Peaches.

   Stay tuned for more “seddious wisdom”  from Kent, England. 

   As for today’s HST wisdom, I’d like to quote Hunter from a letter he wrote to Ralph on X-mas day in 1980.  They were preparing to “run” in the Honolulu marathon to cover it for Running Magazine, which turned out to be one of their many great works:  The Curse of Lono.   

The time has come to kick ass, Ralph, even if it means coming briefly out of retirement and dealing, once again, with the public.  I am also in need of a rest – for legal reasons – so I want this gig to be easy, and I know in my heart that it will be.
   Don’t worry, Ralph.  We will bend a few brains with this one.  I have already secured the Compound:  two homes with a 50-meter pool on the edge of the sea on Alii Drive in Kona, where the sun always shines.
Hunter S. Thompson, The Curse of Lono.

Until next time.  I’m off to the market to buy some peaches.

Your friend,

Anita Thompson

Owl Farm

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