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Hunter! Happy Birthday. (And Again, Owl Farm is Not for Sale…)

Good morning.. It stormed all night last night here in the Rockies. But we woke up to sunshine and a 5th egg in the new peahen’s nest! It’s Hunter’s birthday and Owl Farm is fertile again. Yep! Life is good — and life is the operative word there.

By the way… the rumor mill is humming again that I’m thinking of selling Owl Farm. One more time, for the record, people (you know who you are) — I’m staying. I love Owl Farm and I’m staying. Hunter, I promise. 

Tonight, some friends and I will be remembering Hunter with Champagne and a Gonzo toast. We love you Hunter, wherever you are. Happy Birthday babe.


Love, Anita Thompson


P.S. for those of you still asking. Yes it’s true! Johnny Depp and Graham King are releasing The Rum Diary on October 28th. Excellent, eh?

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