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Silver Gonzo Pendant now available

pendantThe #1 most requested item is finally available for pre-order on GonzoStore – the sterling Silver Gonzo Pendant.    These beautiful hand-crafted double-sided pendants are made by none other than Woody Creek alum and master silversmith Claire Donnelly.  Claire Donnelly grew up as an immediate neighbor to Dr. Thompson’s residence Owl Farm in Woody Creek; in fact, her grandparents once owned the ranch which later became  of Owl Farm.  A graduate of Aspen High School, Claire went on to receive her BFA in Fine Arts-Metals, and then to establish her creative design firm, Claire Donnelly Designs.  After Dr. Thompson’s death, Anita Thompson commissioned Claire to create the custom, handmade silver Gonzo belt buckles which she gifted to dear friends and supporters (these will be available on GonzoStore.com soon). Claire has recently designed the definitive Silver Gonzo Pendant, now available exclusively on Gonzostore.com

Claire also has crafted some unique gift boxes to accompany the pendant with a beautiful presentation. 

Our first pendants will be ready to ship out the first week of October.   Order yours now!

-Pete B
GonzoStore Manager & Gonzo Web Guy

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