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Christopher Hitchens: Not An Obituary

My phone has been ringing all morning  — at this unusual hour — with the news that Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Needless to say, his book tour  — Hitch -22, is suspended, as he will take time to undergo treatment. I know him as a strong-willed brilliant writer who influenced me on many subjects, the most obvious, a reason to question everything. I’m also grateful that he did indeed write a forward to book I published with Da Capo of Hunter’s interviews last year — Ancient Gonzo Wisdom. 

That is the reason for my friends calling me so early. At any hour, I wish Christopher, his partner and family, and famous brother all the strength and good humor necessary to get them through the treatment. This is NOT an obituary!  I can say the Gonzo Family wishes you all the best, Hitch. 


Anita Thompson

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