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Some Links…

Hello guys, Here are a few links that are a bit more informative than what I came up with yesterday. Thanks guys.  Also, here are some headlines that are not being covered by CNN that you might like to click on if you haven’t already:

(Reuters) – The United States said on Saturday it is weighing new options beyond the United Nations to punish North Korea, which the South blames for the sinking of a warship that has escalated tensions on the peninsula.


from Democracy Now:
As Obama Refuses to Condemn Flotilla Assault, Survivors Recount Shootings, Beatings Aboard Mavi Marmara


Hi Anita-
When I read your blog today, I guessed that ESRI- a GIS (geographic information systems) company- might have a good map of the spill online; they do:
Maybe ‘good’ is not the word; ‘effective’ might be better.
Looking at the Estimated Spill Areas on the map; like the thumb print of all the greedheads in world, pressed down on the Gulf.
I heard the CEO of BP make a comment about not having more equipment onsite in case of disaster; something like they were "trying different ways of managing risk in high risk/low output wells…"
I can try a different method of risk management by not putting on my seat belt, too.  Not hazardous, just different.  Sigh.    

Woodstock, Illinois 

THanks John…

From Mike:



 thanks to you too Mike…

 Thanks to everyone who sent links!  I’m running out of time and must wrap this up more TK — We mus fix the Owl Farm irrigation system in the am so I’ve got to get some precious ZZZZs…

goodnight! sweet dreams.

Anita Thompson

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