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Thanks Peter! Yes, I’m doing fine — much better this year than last year during the hideous month of February. Thanks for the emails and words of encouragement for the final 6 months of classes and prepping for the LSAT.

I’ll check in tomorrow, as the battery is running low on my laptop, which I rarely carry with me, and rarely check in at computer stations to post blogs now that I have a crack-berry. Maybe I can figure out how to post quotes from the little hand-held gadget. But I find that it is far more difficult to express oneself meaningfully on a blackberry, unless of course it’s a voice to voice connection! 

Anyway, how lucky am I to have  an awesome brother who takes care of business and keeps gonzostore and websites in order. I love you Peter. As for our brother in Kent England? Let’s post his drawing of Abe Lincoln for his birthday tomorrow. 

Lots of love to ya’ll 

Anita Thompson

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