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George McGovern and Abraham Lincoln

Good morning. Yes, it’s September 11th in NYC. The sun is out, people are in line at Starbucks, the trains are full, business is running apace, the beautiful Sisters at St. Hilda’s Convent are tending to their affairs, Football season is on (hi to our friend Paul Kelly from down the coast!) and all is well in the City.

George McGovern was in NYC yesterday for a board meeting and also to wrap up his book on Abraham Lincoln. He’s been doing research and writing it with editors for well over a year — and  turned it in at 5:30 yesterday. Congratulations senator! Abraham Lincoln: The American Presidents Series: The 16th President, 1861-1865 is one of the series of books by Time Books that has been publishing titles about past presidents by various living political heroes. Bill Clinton and the George McGovern both wanted to write about Abe. George won this one, and I’m happy to say it will be out in time for Xmas!

The Senator went back to Washington and says hello. He’s doing great.

Also I don’t know if I mentioned that Sam Scinta from Fulcrum Press (the wonderful publisher that George introduced me to write The Gonzo Way) held a private luncheon to honor the the Senator at the Denver Convention. It was indeed a lovely event with Walter Mondale, Kitty Kennedy, Gary Hart, Michael Dukakis, Doug Brinkley and others were there to dine and toast to McGovern. George misses Hunter as much as the rest of us, and I’m sure Hunter was there… right Hunter? 

Anyway, I’ve gotta run to campus. Yes,  Barack Obama and John McCain will be at Columbia today where 15,000 students, including me signed up in a weird computer lottery to go. The computer didn’t pick me,   and press passes are in a pit under the stage behind guard dogs and armed police (as it were).  So instead, I"ll be on a plane flying home to Owl Farm for two days… I won’t deny I do have the best of both worlds. And don’t deny that I like to flee either one at any given time (Thanks to the Celtic Magic of Linda Luke who gave me Buddy Pass access on Frontier airlines). Oaky, talk soon!!

Your friend, Anita Thompson

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