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Wesley Clark…

If not Hillary, then please man, pick Wesley Clark. Not a lot of people are aware that Hunter and I were big supporters of Wesley Clark before John Kerry got the nomination. After seeing McCain and Obama tonight answering questions from a California church, I am worried. But will be less worried if Obama picks Wesley Clark. As I watched Senator Slick McSame, I reached over my laptop, opened Hunter’s drawer to check on the little keychain that says “Wesley” that I gave Hunter about 5 years ago. Shucks. It’s still there. Hunter respected Gen Clark, and so do I, and so does most of the world.

Jesus, at that time, we also worried that Bush would switch Condi Rice as VP (at a time when Cheney seemed like was going to resign b/c of the “health” issues). Although maybe that wouldn’t be so bad! The Republican conservatives might explode into pieces if he picks a woman as VP.

Who knows?

80 days until the election.

OKAY, start placing your bets…

See you in Denver,

Anita Thompson

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