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Yours Tipsy Truly

Hola.  We had a lovely evening back in Denver. After class (I stayed in Fort Collins with my mom last night), I drove to pick up my dearest roomate Jerri Merritt, (as you know, she’s been hosting me in her gorgeous home while I finish summer classes at DU) to meet friends Jackie and Bill McGreevy (happen to have the same name as my Thursday night host, Kevin — yes, I get around!)  to see the long-awaited show by our sweetheart Lynn Goldsmith. (Hunter started to write the intro to her Rock and Roll book FYI).

It’s been a long weekend with many exciting ups and downs.  Hunter said "WE is the most important word in politics…" well, I think that maybe WE is the most important word in the english language. You agree?  My family and friends that I’ve spent the weekend around made Hunter’s birthday that much easier and more beautiful. Indeed, what would we do without friends?

Owl Farm interns Liz Yount and Laura Doty, pals Jeff Kass, Michelle Baldwin, Andrew Travers, Michael Goldberg, Nicole Miere, and new friends Professor Art Jones, Adam Lerner, Sarah Kate Baie et al mean the world to me this weekend.  Not to mention Peter and Sarah, Shelby, Ann, Patti and George, Peg, Natalia miss jax, Brandon Wenerd, Don Fleming, Ralph Steadman, Doug… even grumpy darlings like David Frank and Edward Hyde. k.  I’m a lucky girl. And, yes, I had a cosmopolitan at dinner (mmm, in a "trendy restaurant"), and now am sipping biffs at Jerri’s house. She’s the blogging guru — and explains tonight in better detail than yours truly.

 lots of love to ya’ll.

your friend, tipsy in Cherry Creek,

Anita Thompson



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