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Deus Ex Machina



Today, Jack Nicholson is our Deus Ex Machina.

 It is a term recently pointed out to me by our friend Shelby Sadler: literally, it means "god out of a machine" — an  improbable character, device, or event introduced suddenly in a work of fiction or drama to resolve a situation or untangle a plot, like an angel flying in on a paraglider, or good news coming in from your assistant Brandon, or a ball of kryptonite cropping up just at the right moment. Often in ancient Greek theater, they would use wires and ropes to suddenly swoosh the resolving god onto the stage.


Shelby and I have been noticing these DEMs everywhere. As Hunter was and is my Deus Ex Machina, life goes on, bringing us more and more! Jack Nicholson, like Bob Dylan, rarely if ever gets involved in politics. But today, he endorsed Hillary. Hot Damn.


Maybe Milli Barack Vanilli will still get the nomination, but there’s nothing like having a strong man who has seen a lot of ACTORS in his life point out the truth when it is most needed. Thank you, Jack! Yep, George McGovern and Jack Nicholson are on board with our woman Hillary. I think Hunter would be whooping it up with them now!


I’ll check in ASAP. I’ve been running around getting ready for my flight to Geneva. My baby nephew is healthy and happy and all is well at Owl Farm despite the 30-year-old TV antenna that fell. It broke my heart to see it on its side, but this spring I’ll be turning it into a work of Gonzo Art.


When you have lemons, make lemonade.


Hunter S. Thompson




Until next time, your friend,


Anita Thompson

P.S. Hi Bruce! Thanks for the Milli Vanilli track!




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