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Oops…Camille Paglia Freaks Out In Public

Remember the Gloria Steinem’s article I linked to the other day re: Hillary Clinton? OMG… Camille Paglia, (another famous feminist) got so upset by it that she flipped out on Salon.com with a scathing Dr. Phil-like analysis claiming to know exactly what went on inside the walls of Hillary’s early childhood and intimate relationship with Bill Clinton. Although it’s a mean screed, it’s also one of the funniest opinion pieces I’ve read in a long time. Poor Paglia exposed herself as a pampered, withering brat who couldn’t stand for the calmer, more professional (and beautiful) Gloria Steinem to take the stage.

It is amusing, I must admit, to see intellectuals get overly emotional in public. Paglia’s letter turned into a red-faced, venomous harangue — calling Hillary a "man-hater," "barracuda"… Hillary’s terrible "claustrophobic" childhood causing her to “sneer at her political opponents at the debates.” 

She even writes that "Hillary’s willingness to tolerate Bill’s compulsive philandering is a function of her general contempt for men." Jesus. Camille is too bitter to consider that Hillary feels that which breeds forgiveness: the "L" word. Is it possible that Hillary does Love her husband? Hello.

Yes, poor Camille broke into a million angry pieces today. But it’s okay, although she’s no Oscar Wilde, she is a professional and will pull herself together again soon, hopefully, because I admire and have so much to learn from her. And today, she taught me what NEVER to do in public writing.

Well, at least she cares!

On that note, today’s wisdom comes from one of my notebooks of Hunter’s verbal outbursts:

“It’s better to have a chainsaw taken to your nuts, than to feel nothing at all.”

— Hunter S. Thompson, Owl Farm, 2004


Your friend in the kitchen,

Anita Thompson



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