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Sorry, I Seem To Have Lost My Composure

This morning Jonathan Bastian hosted me on his sports segment for Plum TV. We arrived just as the previous segment was wrapping up. It was a group of models in Fur Coats. Since nobody told me I was going to be appearing on a day with mink coats and fox capes, a minor scuffle ensued back stage. If I was going to follow this fur coat segment, I thought it was fair that I could explain the method in which minks are killed for their fur (usually injected with antifreeze into their stomachs, then skinned, and bodies discarded). But it was Jonathan’s second show, so I finally agreed to calm down and just focus on Hunter and his sports writing career. (He asked very good questions about Hunter, and it was a good show) 

Back home at Owl Farm, I sat down, in a huff, to write a letter to the editor about the fur coats, when my good friend Curtis Robinson pointed out that I will make an ass of myself if I act preachy and celebrity-like saying I don’t “endorse” murdering of animals for their fur. He’s right. I wouldn’t be helping the animal rights movement, which is very strong without my little voice.

Alas!! I remembered I had someone to vent to… You. So, now that I’m off the air, I can say that there is a very small percentage of people who are still wearing fur in Aspen or anywhere else. I understand that Plum TV must cater also to that part of its shriveled up bimbo fur coat viewers. But keep in mind that a majority of smart, hip and thoughtful people wear synthetics now. And if you want to flaunt your wealth, there are better, more fun and exciting ways to do it.  But we already know that. Those models would have looked so much better … HOT wearing synthetic snowboard jackets, bikinis or even better, nothing at all.

Ugh. So. That’s it for now.  Today’s HST wisdom comes from one of my notebooks of things he said out loud. It describes how I feel today, and you can probably relate to at times…

“Sorry, I seem to have lost my composure…”

— Hunter S. Thompson, in the kitchen, after having lost his composure, momentarily.



Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson

 P.S. Mark Twain was a vegetarian. And Hunter refused any plate unless it had LOTS of vegetables with butter and lemon.

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