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Dada Gonzo Xmas

Here, at least, [Hemingway] had mountains and a good river below his house; he could live among rugged, non-political people and visit, when he chose to, with a few of his famous friends who still came up to Sun Valley. He could sit in the Tram or the Alpine or the Sawtooth Club and talk with men who felt the same way he did about life, even if they were not so articulate. In this congenial atmosphere he felt he could get away from the pressures of a world gone mad, and "write truly" about life as he had in the past.

–Hunter S. Thompson National Observer, May 25, 1964

Hope you had a great holiday. Hunter’s spirit is alive as ever. I had friends and family over to Owl Farm — two scholars (a medievalist & sociologist) a French chef, two paragliders, and several neighbors and we played cards and ate too much food along with Hunter’s favorite Chivas and Bailey’s drink, while playing cards and talked all night. The fireplace blazed with Bob Dylan playing in the background.   Hunter’s spirit is indeed alive.

We couldn’t find the plastic Xmas tree that Ann Owsley gave me last year, so we wrapped shotgun shell Xmas lights around a vacuum cleaner and rolled it into the corner next to the Nixon mask (yes, it was a Dada Gonzo Xmas). Audrey Sprenger and her mom went back to Denver yesterday, Jon is flying back to NYC today. My award winning paraglider pilot friends David and Sean, the Stranahans, Owsleys, Tim Mooney, Goldsteins, Jennifer and Wayne Ewing are here for the season, Jack Nicholson and his family including Chris and Ozzie are in town through January, so life is good. Ralph and Anna Steadman (his book, Psychogeography, with Will Self is great!) spent theirs with the family in Kent, Doug Brinkley with his family in Austin called with Xmas Cheer in their voices. Peter B is celebrating in Omaha, Jonathan, Andrew and Brandon drinking eggnog with family.

Yes, Hunter’s spirit is alive. Of course I miss mocking Xmas with him, and no bombs were set off, but it was happier than last year. Life is getting a little better, despite the loss of a good woman and wife of the late Tom Benton. We toasted to Marci and Tom Benton who are now together. I understand how much she suffered his loss, and we wish Tom and Marci a happy holiday. As you know, Tom is the artist who designed the fist on the Gonzo symbol and the Sheriff posters.

After my guests leave, I will be left with two feet of powder to play with and Hunter’s interview manuscript to work on. It’s coming along beautifully… I think you’ll love it.  A lot of books are out there, including mine, about Hunter, but we need some of his wisdom. The manuscript so far is perfect comeback, in his own words, to some awful made-up crap recently published about him. Soon come. 

I’ve had the pleasure of talking medieval and current politics with friends and family, and here is Jon’s post about Iowa. Great news for Hillary despite the awful news about Bhutto today (more women haters).

Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson





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