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Talking and Flying in Aspen

Guess what?  There are several exciting projects in the works, which will make themselves known soon (such as the Rum Diary Movies being made into a film) and our HST symposium in DC next year.  But, I have to first tell you about the wonderful flight I had with my paraglider friend, David Frank, who took me up 12,000 feet in the air above Aspen Mountain yesterday too see the entire Rocky Mountain Range. It was peaceful, warm and magical. I fell in love with Hunter, and life, all over again.  I’ve been a little hectic and bitchy lately, so that soft hour in the sky put things in perspective for me like a charm. I’ll see if I can download a photo or two that one of the other paragliders took of us up there. If you ever have a chance to go up in the sky with nothing but straps, wings, and a friend… do it.

I’ll be doing a booksigning and talk at the Explore Bookstore in Aspen tomorrow  (Friday)  at 7:30 pm.  I’ll also read and answer everyone’s questions. There were about 125 people at Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, so I’m assuming 1/4 of that here in Aspen.  So, we should see a more intimate and interesting conversation  about our sweet Hunter. 

I realize that I wrote earlier that Natalia was going to check in with you on a regular basis, but that didn’t exactly work out — I’m aware. We had to spend a lot of time traveling and things got hectic.  But Andrew Travers, who now lives at Owl Farm as he settles into his full-time gig at the Aspen Daily News has offered to post sometimes. So…thanks Andrew!  Andrew has worked for Doug Brinkley for the last 5 years and I’m happy to say he is now a member of the Woody Creek family. There is a chance we might get the editor, Troy Hooper, to post too.

Anywya, I’m writing on my mac, which isn’t compatible with the blog format, so forgive the block of words (depending on your screen). The wisdom for today comes from the last pages of Fear and Loathing in America. 


Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson 

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