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Bad Craziness

Hello again,

    This is Natalia delivering your Hunter quote for today.  Anita will be checking in tomorrow with the Declaration of Independence.

    This quote was chosen not only because it is a hilarious part of a hilarious story, but because it showcases Hunter’s unique narrative style and sense of humor as well as the scope and potential for bad craziness at Owl Farm.

     Hunter’s friend Cromwell had been hit in the face by a 20 pound owl while riding his motorcycle and crashed into a barn filled with chickens, hay and barrels of gasoline. The spark from his cigar had set the gas on fire and caused the barn to explode. After the Sheriff extinguished both Cromwell and the chicken clutching desperately to his back, Cromwell sat in the house in a mellow state of shock until his mood began to turn:

    It was Terrifying. We watched helplessly as he grasped and clawed at the top of his head, which was beginning to blister and bleed. The room was heavy with a stench of burning hair.
…The situation was getting out of control.
    Cromwell was a huge and dangerous man, even when he was happy—but with him in a frenzy of Fear and Rage, we knew it was out of the question to try to deal with him physically.
    I saw my friend Curtis trying to wrestle a giant Red fire Extinguisher off a hook on the wall. “No!” I yelled. “Not that!” I knew it was a high-powered A, B, C, & D-type FX that would fill the whole room with a cloud of white glue. So I quickly reached over and gave Cromwell a sharp jolt between the shoulder blades with my 200,000 volt PowerMax cattle prod. And that was that.
    He collapsed in a coma and said nothing for 20 minutes. It might have seemed cruel and unusual, but we knew at the time that it had to be done, and he would thank us for it later.    

Hunter S. Thompson, Hey Rube



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