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Goodmorning. Hope you’re having a good monday. Yes, I’m hosting a political debate at Owl Farm on Friday and I’ll keep you posted.

For this monday morning. I decided to post a part of an interivew that I included in my book, "The Gonzo Way" about the 7 lessons I learned from Hunter. This is something Hunter’s dear friend, named Stacey Hadash who is a very sucessful woman who works in banking in NYC and is married to another good friend of Hunter’s, Terry McDonell (editor of Sports Illustrated). Hunter and Stacey were friends for about 13 years, and she became a friend and mentor to me later on. It’s a beautiful observation about Hunter and I thought I’d share it with you for a nice monday morning kick.

Stacey was working with James Carville for the Clinton campaign when she and Hunter were introduced:

Shortly after the campaign Hunter invited me to Owl Farm to help with his new book "Better than Sex" – which was his book about the 1992 election. I called James for advice. What about the rumors of drugs, guns, explosives, knives, troubles with women? James didn’t hesitate, "Call me when you get out there," he said. Hunter and I were friends for the next thirteen years. Thinking about him now I remember how open he was, especially to new people in his life, new friends. Many of us get too busy with life to live it like that – we work at jobs where we can’t trust colleagues, we don’t have the time, we’re too ambitious, too busy with family, too closed in our own worlds. Hunter was different. He saw the value in new friendships, that they opened his world – to new points of view, values, jokes, crazy and wonderful places. We’re talking real friendships here – not the kind that inflate your own status. And then he went one better. He chose his friends carefully and then mixed them up in the kitchen of Owl Farm and at book parties in New York among other places. And in my book, Hunter gets credit for making some very interesting introductions. After all, I met my husband, Terry McDonell, through Hunter.

–Stacey Hadash

I don’t have any HST books with me know, so I’ll post wome wisdom when I get home.

Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson

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