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Fire and Snow

Hello, Peter B here again, 

I have uploaded a few more photos to the photo page.  One of them is by legendary Rock N’ Roll photographer (who was at Owl Farm)  Lynn Goldsmith . Here’s a great shot she snapped of the bonfire.

Bonfire pic by Lynn Goldsmith photo © Lynn Goldsmith

A number of readers have written that they have their photos of their firelight reading developed but don’t know how to email them to the blog.   Your best bet is to either scan the developed prints onto a CD by taking them to a library or service bureau (a place that photocopies documents) and asking the people behind the desk to help you scan some photos, or to have the film developed (or the negatives redone) at a photo place that has the option to give you a "Photo CD" so the images are all saved onto a CD.  This way, you can then email the photos you want by selecting the picture files off the CD and emailing them to us as an attachment.

-Your friend while Anita repeatedly flies over the Central time zone,

Peter B the webmaster. 

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