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Hi. For some reason I was inspired today to read one of Hunter’s wonderfully  twisted stories you know of as S-C-R-E-W-J-A-C-K.  Oh yes.  Remember Screwjack?  Hunter often used it as a test, to see who could handle the kitchen and who couldn’t.  Seven years ago, when he finally decided to have me read it,  I passed the test…just barely.  Anyway, here is a bit of it:

       I am guilty, Lord, but I am also a lover – and I am one of your best people, as you know; and yea tho I have walked in many strange shadows and acted crazy from time to time and even drooled on many High Priests, I have not been an embarrassment to you… So leave me alone, goddamnit, and send Mr. Screwjack back to me; and if the others have any questions of snide comments about it, tell them to eat shit and die.

       Who among them is pure enough to cast the first stone?  Or to look on me with those rheumy courtroom eyes and say that I was wrong…. 

— Hunter S. Thompson, Screwjack


That’s all I can divulge to you from that story.  I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it. It’s a hot one.


Tomorrow, I will have some not-so-happy news for you.  So, enjoy Screwjack today. 



Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson

Owl Farm

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