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Rules for Speedism

Yes, I’ve been out of touch again. Sorry.  I’ve been going full speed on several fronts getting ready for my move to NY.  Then I put my shoulder out and have it in a sling now.  BAD TIMING.  So, typing just takes a little longer.   But I haven’t forgotten about you.  And my physical therapist, Peg O’Brien worked wonders on me today. 

The HST wisdom for today is a quote about SPEEDISM that Hunter wrote a few years ago after we had dinner at Butch’s Lobster bar in Snowmass.   He gave 5 rules for driving fast.  You can read them in Kingdom of Fear. They are a guide for speed-junkies otherwise known as “victims of speedism.” Hunter said people like Richard Pryor and Sid Vicious set themselves on fire while researching the Speedism virus.

He said they were helpless Victims of a highly contagious Virus, “Speedata Viruuseum” as Hunter called it. He also said that speedism can be Fatal when mixed with high-speed automobiles and whiskey.


It is wrong and I condemn it, but some dingbats will do it anyway…And not All will survive, but so what?
For the others, the Living, here are some basic rules:
1.Make sure your car is functioning on all mechanical and electronical levels.
2. Get familiar with the Brake pressure on your machine before you drive any faster than 10 mph.
3. Have no small wrecks (If you are going to loop out and hit something, hit it hard.)
4. Avoid, at all costs, the use of Any drug or drink or Hubris that leads you to steal a car and crash it to feel the rush of the airbag.
5.The eating schedule should be as follows;

-Hot fresh spinach, Wellfleet oysters, and thick slabs of sourdough garlic toast with salt and black pepper.  Eat this two hours before departure…The smoking of powerful hashish should be saved until after your return from the drive, when nerve-ends are crazy and raw.


Tomorrow I will excerpt a bit of my interview with Doug Brinkley. 

Okay! Your friend,

Anita Thompson


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