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Abe Lincoln and The Gonzo Way

Hi.  As most of us know, Hunter spent a lot of time thinking about what he called the end of the American Century.  Maybe he was right.  I don’t know.  I came across something he wrote in 2003 one night as he was contemplating –as was the case oh so often — the direction of this country.  He was thinking about how The United States was approaching "another ominous polarization between right and wrong.” And the wisdom of going to war with a whole world of Muslims.  He went on:

            Well, shucks.  What can I say?  We are coming to a fork in the road for this country, another ominous polarization between right and wrong, another political mandate to decide “What side are you on?”… Maybe a bumper sticker that asks ARE YOU SANE OR INSANE?             

 I have confronted that question on a daily basis all my life, as if it were just another form to fill out, and on most days I have checked off the SANE box – if only because I am not dead or in prison or miserable in my life.

— Hunter S. Thompson, Kingdom of Fear

Well, that makes me think of a part of a book by Doris Goodwin about Abraham Lincoln subtitled the political genius of Abraham Lincoln..  Doris points out how Abe recovered from a serious personal downward spiral:

“In times of anxiety it is critical to ‘avoid being idle,’ that ‘business and conversation of friends’  were necessary to give the mind ‘rest from that intensity of thought, which will some times wear the sweetest idea threadbare and turn it to the bitterness of death.”  He returned to his law practice and his duties in the legislature, resuming his work…”


Hmmm.  I don’t know what got me on to that riff.  Maybe I should get back to work on The Gonzo Way Manuscript and check in with you tomorrow.

Until next time, your friend,

Anita Thompson





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