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Pimps or Whores

I have nothing positive to say today.  The weather sucks and it has cast a grim shadow on all of Owl Farm.  Here is some dark wisdom from Hey Rube.  Hunter wrote so often about the Collapse of the American empire in the final year of the American century:


The Roman Empire lasted more or less 900 years – which is 888 years longer than Adolf Hitler’s “Thousand-Year Reich.”  They both imploded because of the internal corruption and a pampered, decadent citizenry.   They were weak because they no longer used the muscles of their brains. After 500 years, they were all either pimps or whores.
            But so what?  If you have lemons, make lemonade. That is ancient Hawaiian Wisdom.
–Hunter S. Thompson, Hey Rube



Until Tomorrow,

Anita Thompson

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