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Generosity of Spirit

Good afternoon.  I’ve been working on The Gonzo Way Manuscript.  And yes, I got a little distracted yesterday by the lawsuit that was filed by a former employee against the estate.  Thank you for all your emails. Hunter would appreciate the support. 

Yesterday a friend of the plaintiff called me to say that her lawyers filed the suit without her knowledge or permission.  If that’s true, everything will be over soon. No Worries…soon the Estate can get back to the business of Hunter’s LEGACY. 

Hunter knew human nature and had a keen eye for the future, and that’s why he put Doug Brinkley, George Tobia, and Hal Haddon in charge.

I’ll keep you posted.


So, just to keep the record loud and clear, Hunter was famous for his Generosity. Yes, he could be bitchy and cruel at times, but he was generous with his spirit, his time and his money.  He wasn’t necessarily rich financially, but he was rich in every other way:


This is an excerpt from Kingdom of Fear introduction by Timothy Ferris, a long time friend and fellow writer.


…this howling violence freak, habitually loaded with potent intoxicants and a skull full of Beethoven-grade egomania, is studious and thoughtful, courtly and caring, curiously peace loving in his way, and unwaveringly generous.  When he and I were young and broke, and I was fired from the last job I’d ever held, the first thing he did was offer to send me four hundred dollars – which, although he didn’t know I knew it, was all the money he had left in the bank at the time.  His fundamental decency helps explain how he has managed to survive his many excesses…


Hunter maintained this generosity of spirit for the rest of his life.  I was often awestruck by Hunter’s benevolence toward his friends and staff with money, housing, food, cars advice, liquor, and especially entrée into his fabulous world.  


Until tomorrow, your friend,

Anita Thompson

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