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Fatique Hysteria

Good morning! 

It’s 4:30 am and still dark here at Owl Farm.  Hopefully I’ll be sleeping by the time you read this.  I’ve been up for what seems like 33 hours working on the Gonzo Way (can’t do the link right now) This is what Hunter called “Fatigue Hysteria.” 

The burgundy carpet is covered with piles of papers, my notebooks from the past 6 years, stacks of your letters and emails, Hunter’s letters to me, all of his books, Joseph Conrad, Ralph Steadman letters and advice, Bob Dylan, Various Interview transcripts, photos and lots of music CDs  (including Eminem and David Amram), an orange blanket for my dog and two pillows for the cats. Some of it is  for the Manuscript, some I use for “inspiration” and some for “procrastination.”


This is a short book, but because I am not an experienced writer, it seems to take me 7 times longer and 7 times more paper than it should.  At times I feel the fear… of failure.  But, as if on cue, I came across one of the letters that Hunter wrote to me:


“…Indeed, so I am Lono, as always, and I will always be with you.  Always.  Never doubt it, never be afraid of anything, no matter how weird it might seem to be, at the time. We are far beyond seems, and we have no Fear…Only moments of Confusion, now & then.”


So, I will take that wisdom to bed with me, and keep plugging away when I wake up.  I know that so many of you who read this blog are writers…  My hat goes off to you.  I haven’t felt this deadline rush since I worked with Hunter.   


The wisdom tomorrow will be from Generation of Swine. 


Your Friend,

Anita Thompson

Owl Farm

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