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Two lonely saints on the prowl

There is a bit of developement re: the peacocks here at Owl Farm.  At the moment, I have 6 birds: 4 males and 2 females.  For some reason, one pair of males was blessed by a priest in Durango on their way to Owl Farm last year.  They were called Peter and Paul.  Now, they are called St. Peter and St. Paul.

Because it’s spring, and I don’t have enough females to go around, St. Peter and St. Paul took off a few days ago looking for hens.  Well, I had an APB out for them.  They were spotted up the road at the Stranahan ranch by several people.  All reports said that St. Peter and St. Paul were squawking and spreading their big blue feathers but headed home. But something happened en route and again, they are no where to be found. If anyone sees them, please call me.  Don’t feed them.  Also, if you know anybody with any females that they are looking for homes for, please let me know.  We certainly don’t want any unsatisfied peacocks at Owl Farm!

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