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First Quote of the Day

Hi.  Denver was great.  The HST reading with David Amram and Professor Audrey Sprenger at the DU campus was fantastic.  The room was full of mainly students and other Hunter lovers.  We will do it again sometime in the future because it was such a success. Several Students read.   Juan (Hunter’s son) and William (Hunter’s grand-son) also read.  David Amram played the piano and gave an informative and fun lecture. 

Lisl Auman was a bright and shining star.  Right after I read a short piece by Hunter about individualism that he wrote when he was 20.  Then I asked her to stand up.  She was sitting in the front row.  She stood up, turned around and flashed a beautiful smile. Everybody cheered and then she waved.  It was a sparkling gonzo moment.

  Here’s an idea. I will be posting "daily" HST quotes, published and some unpublished.  I’m going to start with my favorite quote of all.  This winter I was on a small panel discussion in Denver and a young guy asked  me what my favorite Hunter quote was.  I had just started the Wisdom manuscript — going through some of my notebooks. 

 Hunter gave many interviews in his life.  He was not fond of the vague and general questions such as "what’s the state of politics in America today, sir?" or, "Can you tell me the meaning of The American Dream."  He called them "What’s It All About, Alfie?" questions. 

  However, I had forgotten about this this bit of wisdom that he told me, that I wrote down on May 15th, 2002.  I found it after he died and it made a lot more sense to me, and helped me through a very difficult period.  It reads:

 "Learning, that’s what it’s all about."

I’ll check in the with an Individuality quote tomorrow.

Your Friend,

Anita Thompson


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