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Whew! Good Holiday. And all is well in the Family

Well that was a nice surprise. This year was bound to be the worst Christmas ever. There is a psychic energy around these times that can be crippling. And with all sorts of weird tensions building in Gonzo world, it was going to suck.

Nope. All is well. I don’t know why It took me so many years to realize that if you wait for everybody to be on board with a project before you go ahead with it. I guess that’s what death by committee means. So, alas, Owl Farm is now an actual farm, projects abound, and the family is still at peace.

And perhaps most important, Jesse, the peacock, is well. I was worried that he was infected by some sort of super-parasite from the chickens (yes, I have 25 chickens and a rooster) and kept bugging the Vet, Dr. John Kuck, to check for organisms. — This is the same Vet hospital — Dr. Daliginow, that saved Popcorn’s wing years ago. Hunter was thrilled.

I just got off the phone with John, who assured me that it is highly unlikely that there is a uber-parasite running around in the digestive tracts of my birds. Dr. John explained that the most successful parasites don’t kill their hosts — as they need the host to be alive to survive.  I, guess, kind of like lawyers. 

Anyway, all is well at Owl Farm, and all is uber-good in the Gonzo Family. 

With Love from Woody Creek,

Anita Thompson


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