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Thanks, Gentlemen, for Returning Ralph Steadman’s Money

Where are my manners?

Although being ladylike is the quality that has served women the least over the centuries, it is important, however, to be able to tap this quality, when we choose. Feminine, polite, yes, these are in our nature. But lady-like, well, use it only on special occasions when the forces of outdated chauvinism have been replaced by modern chivalry… like this:

A few months ago, a huge step toward peace in the family was made by my step-son, Juan Thompson, and his lawyer friend, Gerry Goldstein. I never publicly thanked them. So here, I want to say: Thank you, Juan and Gerry, for returning a lot of the money that was raised by Ralph Steadman and Joe Petro for the Owl Farm Mortgage.

After 6 years, it is pretty clear that I will not sell Owl Farm, and I can’t thank you enough for respecting that, and returning such a (relatively) large portion of Ralph’s funds to the estate. We are all very grateful to you both for this gesture of sanity.

All the best,

A. Thompson

P.S. And Peter, yay.. Beautiful work on the new design. And wouldn’t-it-be-neat-if we had that long blue banner across the entire length of the site? like you originally designed it? It can wait until you return from Kiev. I love you. xoxo Sis.

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