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Nepal Schools Info Session: A Success.Thanks Guys.

"Learning, that’s what it’s all about."

— Hunter S. Thompson


Yes, The Gonzo Foundation / Bridges Between event was a success last night. We met at the Aspen Institute Koch building under Tibetan Flags and Gonzo Banner. Brooke Paparo gave an excellent presentation after just having returned from Kathmandu. The photos were great, and Brooke was inspiring.

Although one of the Bridges between people pulled me aside before the event to ask me raise a bizarre amount of money, I doubt that we did that. But everybody there learned more about the daily lives of women and how important these schools are in Nepal — and that it is possible, thanks to people like Brooke Paparo.

So, for that reason, it was a success. Gonzo Foundation is a young organizaiton based out of Woody Creek and we don’t pound people over the head for money. That’s not the Gonzo Way.

Thank You, Brooke Paparo for the wonderful work you are doing in Nepal. We wish you all the best. If anyone would like to send a ton of money, or just a bit contact info@bridgesbetween.org

 Your friend in Woody Creek,

Anita Thompson


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